Dynamic Facilitation

2024.04.22. 09:00 - 2024.04.24. 13:00
Terrapark Irodaházak Budaörs , Liget u. 3/2.

Who is this course for?

  • For leaders and individual members of organizations looking for better ways to be on the same page
  • For professional facilitators, organizational consultants and mediators who are looking for the best tool to achieve highly effective results in a short period of time
  • For public service, civic and other community workers who want to engage citizens to use the power of community to influence policy and living conditions
  • For responsible citizens and those who work for the public good in the civil sector

Why should I participate?

  • Your ability to see the essence, highlight and structure develops.
  • You get rich with a special and powerful facilitation methodology.
  • Your facilitation skills will improve.
  • You get quality practice in the classroom and online application of the method.

Dynamic Facilitation is appropriate to:

RESOLVE BIG ISSUES: deal with difficult times, crises, or “impossible” problems; strategic planning; sparking a leap forward; or visioning.

BUILD COMMUNITY: generate a sense of respect, resolve conflict, build trust, develop shared values, and the spirit of working together.

ASSURE EXCELLENCE: new levels of organizational capability, where the ultimate product or service is extraordinary.

BUILD A CIRCLE CULTURE: shift the organizational system where the ultimate process of making decisions is collaborative and respectful.

DEVELOP PEOPLE: coaching, managing, training, and personal development experiences where people awaken to new levels of empowerment.

IMPROVE ORDINARY MEETINGS: make small group decisions, plan, and problem-solve.

About the course

Dynamic Facilitation is an extremely modern approach for groups:

  • Approaches complex/complex topics in a creative way
  • It creates new opportunities
  • It embraces emotions and different points of view
  • It produces effective and tangible results
  • It builds trust, respect and community spirit

In this 2.5-day classroom and 4x2-hour online seminar complex program, you practice through social problems that affect everyone, both in the classroom and on the online platform. This pilot situation/trial situation/greenhouse method creates opportunities for thorough and profound/significant personal development.

The methods of Dynamic Facilitation and Choice Creation have two special applications in the Wisdom Council and Creative Insight Councils. These whole-system approaches pave the way for organizations and communities to transcend the battle of vested interests and make breakthrough progress on issues that affect everyone, moving from ME to WE and THEM to OUR.

Learn more about Dynamic Facilitation and the Wisdom Council at www.WiseDemocracy.org.


2,5 day classroom training:

  • Dynamic facilitation, participation in your own experience
  • Frameworks, processes
  • Practicing we-felcting, reflection – maintaining dynamics
  • Getting to know and practicing closing types
  • Practicing dynamic facilitation

4x2 hours online sessions 18.00-20.00:

  1. Practice DF online
  2. Resonance, move beyond the Wisdom Council Process
  3. Links to Theory U, We-flection practice
  4. Practice PF online

A detailed program in English can be downloaded HERE⬇️.

If you are a certified Dynamic Facilitator and only want to participate in online sessions, please contact us via info@wwieland.hu

If you have any questions or need further information, please feel freto contact me. info@wwieland.hu 

Phone: +36 30 591 9861

The training is held in English!

Terrapark Irodaházak Budaörs , Liget u. 3/2.
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Andrea Gewessler
Facilitator, consultant, coach

Andrea is a well-versed facilitator, consultant, educator, and coach. She is deeply motivated by wanting to make a positive change in this world. She thrives on collaboration, systemic thinking, problem-solving, innovation, personal growth and continuous learning.

Throughout her career, Andrea has expanded her professional toolkit in the areas of facilitation, leadership, coaching and learning & development. Andrea has an MA in Education (Adults) & a PGDip in Language Management from Goldsmiths’ College as well as a BEd (equivalent) from Austria. She is a qualified Dynamic Facilitation and Wisdom Council Process trainer and facilitator, an accredited Management Drives partner, a LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® facilitator, an NLP Master Practitioner and holds a Certificate in Embodied Coaching.