Moderation techniques - In English
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Wieland Veronika
Moderation techniques - In English
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Kinek szól ez a kurzus?

  • facilitators
  • moderators
  • scrum masters
  • agile coaches
  • trainers
  • teachers
  • organisational developers
  • meeting leaders
  • project managers

Miért érdemes megvennem?

The application of the method helps in meetings and workshops to

  • keep the discussion on track
  • avoid endless disputes
  • manage time effectively
  • involve and engage participants
  • open the quiet, receding people
  • move the dominant ones backwards
  • bring real problems to the surface
  • think in a new way
  • make the discussion effective

A kurzusról

Extremely versatile, 5-technique methodology that combines well with other workshop methods.

Moderation is one of the most effective methods of group collaboration. Involves people in the process of planning, problem solving, or learning. The structured process is provided by a moderator, yet the participants control the results. All of this is fun, motivating, and leads to very good results in less time.

The five techniques:

  • One-Dot question - for participants being atuned, arrived and to express their opinion.
  • Card-Question - collecting and structuring ideas, insights, opinions, information, alternatives etc.
  • Multi-Dot question - prioratizing or selecting topics
  • Vernissage - elaborate important issues, also to visualize a group work and to evaluate solutions.
  • Action-Plan -  record the results of a group-work and their next steps

Moderation is not simply the use of technical aids (Pinboard, cards, pins, dots, etc.). Moderation is a method that shows people how to collaborate in an interactive way with the goal and process in mind to make living, learning, and working together simple and productive.

As the method is a carrier, it can be freely combined with any existing and used method and schedule, its parts can be used separately if necessary.  The value and attitude of the people involved in the process is what decisively influences the result.

Moderation is the visualization, process control system that guarantees the successful implementation, timeliness and effectiveness of group meetings, discussions and collaborations. The application of the method makes it possible to repeat the success of discussions and meetings, regardless of the topic.

Areas of application of moderation:                                          

  • Communication processes of meetings and conferences
  • Problem solving team works (Project meeting, workshop, team coaching, problem analysis, brainstorming etc.)
  • Educational processes, trainings, schools, adult education, for further training, congresses and seminars
  • In sales, presentations, and consultant-client discussions.

Don't hesitate, get into it! Believe it is worth it!


In this short film, you’ll get some ideas on how to do the video training.
Előnézet 03:03
Single dot question
Simple little technique for tuning in and arriving.
Card question
Exciting method to collect and structure thoughts, ideas, etc.
Multi dot question
This technique helps to set up rankings and decision making.
very effective method to work out topics, team work and evaluation.
Action plan
You can get some practical ideas in this video to maximize your effectiveness.

Letölthető fájlok

Question technique workbook
Learn about the proper workshop quesion techniques. Start your learining with this material.
SINGLE DOT workbook
A group technique suitable for warming up, initiating a conversation, tuning in, and measuring warming-up.
Thoughts, ideas, opinions, etc. collecting group technique.
A group technique suitable for neutralizing topics, listing, selecting, and prioritizing problems.
A group technique that can be used to work out a topic, visualize results, and evaluate solutions.
ACTION PLAN workbook
Group and individual technique to determine results, next steps.
Moderation techniques - In English
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