Visualization online course
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Wieland Veronika
Visualization online course
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30 minutes video
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Target group of the course

  • For beginner visualizers who want to boost up their notes, illustrative tools with simple, schematic drawings.
  • Those who want to make it easier for others to understand and recall the written thoughts.
  • Who wants to move at his/her own pace to learn to draw.
  • Who also want to get the tools and support to start drawing.

Why shall I buy this course?

  • Videos and written instructions allow everyone to develop themselves at their own pace.
  • Videos are unlimited available.
  • You will receive as a gift a beginner Visualization set for practice and a Vizu booklet with basic symbols and simple templates to foster practical application (on discussions, workshops).

About the course

The course can be completed within 2 weeks, but since the videos are unlimited available, everyone can master their drawing skills at their 

Sketchnote kit

own pace with the help of written instructions.

In the course:

      • With instructions and tasks in 7 lessons
      • 14 videos to move you step by step
      • 1 downloadable Vizu booklet
      • 1 visualization set, which will be mailed to you when ordering the course.

Course content

Lesson 1
The Sketchnote kit Preview 01:23
1. Draw up 273 kB
Lesson 2
What are the 5 basic elements? 00:48
The 7 drawing elements 00:42
How to draw Figures? 03:32
Available on day 2
Drawing Faces 03:29
Available on day 3
Drawing Faces - advaced 01:44
Available on day 4
2. From line to line 224 kB
Lesson 3
Drawing Frames 02:20
Available on day 5
Drawing Arrows 01:34
Available on day 6
3. Frames and arrows 234 kB
Lesson 4
Lettering - Some techniques for nice writing 04:29
Available on day 7
Writing attractive Titles 01:19
Available on day 8
Theory of Colors 02:56
Available on day 9
4. Lettering 175 kB
Lesson 5
Drawing Symbols 01:49
Available on day 10
5. Symols 193 kB
Lesson 6
Increasing the Effects 02:16
Available on day 11
Visual Facilitation - How to draw Concepts? 01:55
Available on day 12
6. Increase the effect 224 kB
Lesson 7
7. Do it big 180 kB
Visu_booklet 6 MB
Visualization online course
Limited time access for 365 days
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