Wieland Veronika

Visualization online training and video course

30 minutes video 8 downloadable file(s) 32 students 4 rating Moblie friendly For everybody English Rewatchable multiple times

Target group of the course

  • For beginner visualizers who want to boost up their notes, illustrative tools with simple, schematic drawings.
  • Those who want to make it easier for others to understand and recall the written thoughts.
  • Who wants to move at his/her own pace to learn to draw.
  • Who also want to get the tools and support to start drawing.

Why shall I buy this course?

  • Videos and written instructions allow everyone to develop themselves at their own pace.
  • Videos are unlimited available.
  • You will receive as a gift a beginner Visualization set for practice and a Vizu booklet with basic symbols and simple templates to foster practical application (on discussions, workshops).

About the course

The course can be completed within 2 weeks, but since the videos are unlimited available, everyone can master their drawing skills at their 

Sketchnote kit

own pace with the help of written instructions.

In the course:

      • With instructions and tasks in 7 lessons
      • 14 videos to move you step by step
      • 1 downloadable Vizu booklet
      • 1 visualization set, which will be mailed to you when ordering the course.

The language of training is English.

Course content

Lesson 1

The Sketchnote kit Preview 01:23
1. Draw up 273 kB

Lesson 2

What are the 5 basic elements?
What are the 5 basic elements? 00:48
The 7 drawing elements
The 7 drawing elements 00:42
How to draw Figures?
How to draw Figures? 03:32
Available on day 2
Drawing Faces
Drawing Faces 03:29
Available on day 3
Drawing Faces - advaced
Drawing Faces - advaced 01:44
Available on day 4
2. From line to line 224 kB

Lesson 3

Drawing Frames
Drawing Frames 02:20
Available on day 5
Drawing Arrows
Drawing Arrows 01:34
Available on day 6
3. Frames and arrows 234 kB

Lesson 4

Lettering - Some techniques for nice writing
Lettering - Some techniques for nice writing 04:29
Available on day 7
Writing attractive Titles
Writing attractive Titles 01:19
Available on day 8
Theory of Colors
Theory of Colors 02:56
Available on day 9
4. Lettering 175 kB

Lesson 5

Drawing Symbols
Drawing Symbols 01:49
Available on day 10
5. Symols 193 kB

Lesson 6

Increasing the Effects
Increasing the Effects 02:16
Available on day 11
Visual Facilitation - How to draw Concepts?
Visual Facilitation - How to draw Concepts? 01:55
Available on day 12
6. Increase the effect 224 kB

Lesson 7

7. Do it big 180 kB
Visu_booklet 6 MB

User Ratings

Vachlerné Szilágyi Valéria
8 months ago
The teacher handled and made the course on a very high quality level. She was supportive, inspirative and we could learn in a very calm and safe atmosphere. Thanks for all the tipps & tricks and for the lots of information we received. :)
Czégény Gyuláné
about 1 year ago
very amazing, good time management, it could be more complex
George Ionela
about 1 year ago
Very Good
Șovăială Nae
about 1 year ago
It was an experience I had been looking forward to for some years now! Veronica masterfully guided us through the strokes and gave us the motivation to try and draw things we (or at least I) would not have tried before.